When you’re ready to buy something that you need - from a new pair of shoes and a dress for an upcoming wedding; to a new lawn mower and patio furniture; or almost anything else – you can probably get what you need from great local businesses. Instead of searching through multiple search engines, websites, and social media groups, use Jingling to send a request for what you need.

Your request goes directly to a local merchant who then responds with “Jingles”. Jingles contain the business’ information, reviews, photos and maybe even a special offer just for you. You may find a new business that recently opened, or a business with a great reputation that’s hidden away, or one that you had forgotten about.

Get all your errands done from your phone!


With so much going on, stopping to search for someone to fix your roof, clear up that stopped-up drain or fix that broken light fixture can be a drag! Wouldn’t it be easier to send a request directly to them, and let them respond in real-time?

With Jingling, you can send a request directly to local business that can fulfill your needs. As their Jingles arrive in your version of the Jingling app, look over their qualifications, reviews and photos of previous work. If business is a little slow for them, you may even get a special discount.


You need a quiet place with Wi-Fi to get some work done. So, go to the place that’s always packed and noisy? How about the place that’s a long way off and charges way too much? Nope. Time to use Jingling. Send your request directly to coffee shops that provide Wi-Fi within - say - a seven-mile radius.

Look at that! You receive Jingles from just those places. In each Jingle are photos of their cozy booths, reviews of their amazing coffees, and – would you look at that – there’s one a couple miles from here.

So, stop searching and start finding. With Jingling.