Connect with customers that need you.

They send a request when they need what you sell. You respond with what makes sense for them and you.

You’re in control of your offers and deals.






hidden fees


long-term contracts

Why you need Jingling for your business

To bring In new customers

Easy to use, Jingling allows you to increase your business by filling in slow times or by attracting more customers for expansion!

To reduce advertising cost

Why keep paying for ineffective ads? Jingling is FREE until you get 3 Accepted Jingles! Then, it’s only $39.99 per month.

To target based on location

Jingling delivers your business's customized deals to customers right in your area - WHEN THEY ASK FOR IT!

We have launched in Austin

We are a company focused on supporting local businesses and strengthening the local economy.

We're on-boarding small and medium-sized businesses throughout Texas!

For all those businesses that are reaching out to us, please be patient as we scale up. Keep checking in, and we'll be in touch soon.