Receive requests from customers that need your service right now and connect with them in real time.

Jingling is affordable for all kinds of small businesses


until five Jingles are accepted by customers

$39.99 /month/location

after the free trial

Send and track your deals in real time

Connect with customers at the moment they are ready to buy

Yield management

A jingle could be a customized deal that increases your billable hours or fills your restaurant when it’s slow

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Built in analytics

See which items get the most requests, which jingles work, where customers are coming from and other insights

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Pre-set Jingles

Too busy to customize a deal? Create pre-set jingles to respond for you even when you are busy

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You are in full control. Respond to customer requests only when you want to.

A Jingle contains information about your business, what makes you special, your photos, links to your website and more.

If it makes good business sense, offer a discount or special deal.

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If you are a local business and want to connect with customers at the moment they are ready to buy, download the app and sign up.

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